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Welcome to the BMD3 project!

This project uses the following technologies:

Microsoft DirectX SDK (October 2006) download
Etwork (Version 0.3)
AGEIA PhysX (2.7.0)

Functional Spec

Word Doc

Workstation Setup Instructions

Here's what you'll need to begin contributing to development.
  • Download and install Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Download Here
  • Register C++ Express. Just open C++ Express and go to help->register product and follow the instructions.
  • Install the Windows Platform SDK. There are several steps here so be carefull. Instructions
  • Download and install the DirectX SDK - October 2006. download
    • If you have any other versions of the SDK installed, remove them first. Use the default install path, to make things easier later.
    • Add DirectX paths to Visual Studio. Open C++ express. Go to Tools->Options. Find "Projects and Solutions" and look under "VC++ Directories".
    • In the "Show directories for:" dropdown choose "Include Files" and add an entry for C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (October 2006)\Include.
    • In the "Library files" dropdown add an entry for C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (October 2006)\Lib\x86.
  • Register on AGEIA dev support site It takes a day or so to get approved by AGEIA. Once you're registered and signed in to the dev support site, go to online support and find the Downloads link.
    • On the main page you will find PhysX7.01.12SystemSoftware.exe (Latest Unified Runtime & Driver) Download and install it, it is the run-time software for PhysX.
    • Also drill into the Downloads treeview on the left, and under the PhysX SDK 2.7.0 node, download and install the PhysX2.7.0SDK_Core.exe. This is the SDK.
  • Finally, get the Team Exploerer Client so you can use source control.
    • Download the CD image from here Rename the .img file to .iso and mount the image with Alcohol 120%. Take the defaults on the install and it will create "Visual Studio 2005" in the start menu.
    • Run "Visual Studio 2005" (which just has team explorer at this point) and connect to the team project. Go to Tools->Connect to Team Foundation Server. Use the information that can be found on the top of this page under the "Source Code" to setup the connection. Choose the BMD3 project. (ignore the "demo" project)
    • Setup your workspace and get latest version. If you don't use Team System at work this could be confusing, but you basically need to map where on your drive it will put the code files.
    • Open the Source Control Explorer from the Team Explorer window.
    • In the Workspace dropdown at the top, select "Worspaces..."
    • Select the entry with your computer name and choose Edit...
    • In the Working Folders grid add a row with the following values:
    • Source Control Folder = $/BMD3
    • Local Folder = C:\Projects\BMD3
    • Hit OK, then Close, then right click on the BMD3 node in the Source Control Explorer and choose get Latest Version. This will get the files down.
  • Finally you can open C++ express and browse to the solution on your hard drive to open it.
  • you're ready to code!

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